dental liability insurance

Dental Malpractice Insurance

Although it isn’t talked about very much, Dentist liability insurancedentists face the same risks as other medical professionals do when taking care of patients. Because of these risks, dentists should consider investing in dental liability insurance, or professional liability insurance.

Dentists like you perform a variety of dental procedures, and if you’re not careful, it can lead to injury or even death to a patient. A dentist can be sued for such things like an infection from dental tools, failure to diagnose oral cancer or periodontal disease, wrongful death from anesthesia, unnecessary extraction of teeth, or even a breach of patient confidentiality. Any significant pain or loss suffered due to a dentist’s negligence can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Insurance will help cover legal expenses as well as any monetary settlements. Now, imagine if you did not have insurance. You would have to pay all of these costs out of pocket, which can drain your bank account and may even lead to bankruptcy.

Although insurance is not required by every state, you are still liable for any damages if a lawsuit is filed. Check with the board of dentistry for specific requirements in your state.

Dentist Liability Insurance Costs

The cost of dentist liability insurance will be based on how much experience you have, the types of dental services you offer, your geographic location, and the amount of patients you have. Depending on the provider, other factors are also taken into consideration.

Although premiums for dentist liability insurance can be considered high, it is nothing compared to the cost of fighting a malpractice lawsuit.

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